Living in HIS Presence

Life can get pretty busy and offer a lot of distractions that keep us from the most beautiful opportunity we have. To Live in GOD’s Presence on a daily basis.

Many people in the world are hurting because they have bought into a way of life that does not produce lasting peace, joy, and fulfillment.
Most of those in religious circles are not setting people free to truly understand the real joy of what it means to walk with GOD.
In this message, Pastor Lu shares some beautiful insights that will revive your heart and passion for the spiritual part of your life and put a new fresh hunger in you for wanting to run to and have GOD instead of running away from HIM.
You will truly be blessed by this message.
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Life lessons:

  • Run after God!
  • God’s desire is always to bring us back to Him. (Isaiah 30:15)
  • It’s one thing to have a heart for God and another thing to know God’s heart.
  • We are the temple.
  • Everything God does He does to bring us back to Him so we can learn to live in His presence.
  • When sin is in our lives, we run from God.
  • God’s judgment is for redemptive purposes.
  • If you can’t live your everyday life with Biblical standards, how are you going to live in Heaven?
  • There is no natural light in the Holy of holies.
  • God is not a religion. He is a person.
  • The presence of God is the central fact of Christianity.

Isaiah 30:15 – For thus says the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel: “In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”

Action steps

Take an inventory before the year really get’s under way and spend time before the LORD. Ask the LORD what you did wrong and ask for His forgiveness. Then determine in your heart to correct those things and Tell Him, “I will love You more, I will obey you more, I will follow You more, no matter what anyone else says.”

  • How much of God do you want? It’s up to each person. The more of God you want, the less of you, you will have.
  • Let yourself die and your ways die!
  • If you have all of God, you have everything.


Biography for Pastor Lu Luthra

Lu Luthra was born in India and raised in a devout Sikh family. In 1991, he experienced a dramatic transformation after inviting Jesus Christ to be is Lord and Saviour. Since that day, Lou’s life has never been the same. Lou and his wife felt God’s strong call in their lives and they dedicated themselves to study and meditate on His Word. They sought His guidance and soon the Lord spoke to their hearts. God gave them directions to go in full-time ministry – and preach the Gospel. This was in the year 1991. The Lord has blessed them with three children and now they serve the Lord full time in US, pastor a Church as well as travel to other parts of globe to share the Good News. They have also opened a Bible college, in order to train people for God’s ministry. They are thankful to the Holy Spirit for constant guidance at every step.

If you sense a leading to come along side and help them bear the burden the LORD has placed on their heart, and would like learn how to become a VISION BEARER, then you can reach Lu


Becoming As Christ

Did you know that the WORD of the LORD for your life can’t come true if you don’t let CHRIST be formed in You? It’s true. And letting GOD develop the Kingdom of GOD within yo is critical if you desire to fulfill your mandate. In Becoming as Christ Brother Lu Luthra shares a critical teaching that every born again believer of GOD must hear. It’s a strong word that will wake you up to the truth and reveal how today’s sanitized sermons are keeping you spiritually stunted.

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Carrying The LORD’s Burden

In this deeply moving Podcast Pastor Cynthia shares her heart on how to cry out to the LORD with a desperate heart to have deeper intimacy and to have a heart willing to carry the burden of the LORD. If you are hungering for more of GOD or want to hunger for more of GOD this Podcast will share the keys.


For the Kingdom of GOD to manifest in the earth it must first be allowed to manifest in the heart and life of the christian believer. We have to break our traditions of religion and allow the Spirit of GOD to purify our heart and motives so that we can become the vessels for HIM to manifest HIS full presence in and through us.

Seeing As GOD Sees

When you see as GOD see’s a whole new world opens up to you. You find that your heart will soften and that you will desire to let go of the shinny things of the world and seek to draw closer to the LORD. Join us this week as Lu shares “Seeing As GOD Sees”

The Mountain of Transfiguration

Times are becoming more challenging and in these days and to thrive we must really learn about the heart of
GOD so that we can shine in the dark and not give up.

This month Lu revealed an insight about the fire of GOD and The Mountain of Transfiguration and how it applies to us, HIS Church.


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beginning of the video here.