Are You Weak???

This months teaching is a powerful reminder of how desperately we need the LORD and how critical it is not stay close to HIM. GOD’s eyes are searching to and fro looking for those who are willing to cry out and say “Send me oh LORD send me” and are willing to allow CHRIST to be formed in them. To get onto the CROSS and die so that you can carry the burden of the LORD and allow HIM to change the world around you. In a time when you no longer hear messages about the cross, it is vital you allow this message touch your heart. In this second video of Knowing HIM you’ll also learn that in these last hours the remnant bride will be smaller than we think and that we must learn to call out to the LORD and ask HIM to touch us and make us strong where we are weak, how to touch HIS garment, and to bid HIM to stay when HE comes. You will be deeply touched by today’s video. For more encouragement and tips subscribe to our “inHisPresence” inBox Ministry Resource

After you watch the video Lu shares a song that we have made available here to help your heart cry out to HIM to Seek HIS Face.


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