What Is Your Season?

The Seasons of GOD
In this episode, Lu Luthra shares about the seasons of GOD. There are seasons in the LORD and if we are wise we will do what the LORD instructs us to when HE tells us otherwise we have to wait for the next season to do what we are told. In this teaching, Lu shares how to bloom in your season. For more go to http://ADwellingPlace.org


The Mountain of Transfiguration

Times are becoming more challenging and in these days and to thrive we must really learn about the heart of
GOD so that we can shine in the dark and not give up.

This month Lu revealed an insight about the fire of GOD and The Mountain of Transfiguration and how it applies to us, HIS Church.


You may also enjoy listening to the worship music that Lu Shared at the
beginning of the video here.