Becoming As Christ

Did you know that the WORD of the LORD for your life can’t come true if you don’t let CHRIST be formed in You? It’s true. And letting GOD develop the Kingdom of GOD within yo is critical if you desire to fulfill your mandate. In Becoming as Christ Brother Lu Luthra shares a critical teaching that every born again believer of GOD must hear. It’s a strong word that will wake you up to the truth and reveal how today’s sanitized sermons are keeping you spiritually stunted.

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Carrying The LORD’s Burden

In this deeply moving Podcast Pastor Cynthia shares her heart on how to cry out to the LORD with a desperate heart to have deeper intimacy and to have a heart willing to carry the burden of the LORD. If you are hungering for more of GOD or want to hunger for more of GOD this Podcast will share the keys.


For the Kingdom of GOD to manifest in the earth it must first be allowed to manifest in the heart and life of the christian believer. We have to break our traditions of religion and allow the Spirit of GOD to purify our heart and motives so that we can become the vessels for HIM to manifest HIS full presence in and through us.

Seeing As GOD Sees

When you see as GOD see’s a whole new world opens up to you. You find that your heart will soften and that you will desire to let go of the shinny things of the world and seek to draw closer to the LORD. Join us this week as Lu shares “Seeing As GOD Sees”

Are You Walking in The Spirit or Flesh?

This week Lu shared a strong word about how a little sin can cause you to start in the spirit and end up walking in the flesh and loosing everything. Just like Judas started in the Spirit as an Apostle ended up as a traitor due to a small flaw in his character that he did not let GOD deal with. Discover how anger can cause you to be a christian pharisees instead of a reflection on JESUS LOVE. So discover if You Are Walking in the Spirit or In The Flesh.